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Ocoee River Map & Directions to Our Outpost

From Atlanta to Copperhill/Ducktown and the east side of the Ocoee River:

This is the fastest direct route from Atlanta to our outpost.Take I-75 North out of Atlanta and about 20 miles north of the city, exit for I-575. Stay on this highway – it will change to Hwy 515 or 5, but it is the same highway. You will pass by small towns – Jasper, Ellijay, Cherry Log and Blue Ridge. Turn left at the traffic light in Blue Ridge at the McDonald’s Restaurant. You will see a sign “Welcome Center next intersection”.

You will be on Hwy 5 to McCaysville, GA. Stay on this road about 10 miles and you will pass through McCaysville. As you cross the river bridge (this is the Ocoee!), you will cross into Tennessee and the town of Copperhill. The road ends at a stop sign, and you turn left. You are now on Hwy 68 in Tennessee.

You will go about 5 miles on Hwy 68, past a big historic copper-smelting factory, and the road will open to 4 lanes. Look for the sign to the Ocoee River on the right – this will put you on Hwy 64. After taking the exit ramp for Hwy 64, turn left on 64 west. You will see a Piggly Wiggly grocery, and a couple of motels. This is Ducktown! Continue on Hwy 64 about 2 1/2 miles and our Outpost will be on the right in the log cabin.

Note: You can also reach our outpost from Atlanta via Hwy 411. This is an excellent road to the Ocoee area, BUT it will take you to the west side of the Ocoee gorge, and you will then have to drive through the gorge. We recommend that you use I-575 via Blue Ridge and Ducktown for the fastest route.

From the west side of the Ocoee River via Cleveland, TN:

South on I-75 from Knoxville
Take exit # 25 off I-75 at Cleveland Tn. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp. This road is 25th Street through town and also HWY 60 bypass. Stay on this road for about 5 miles and take the Ocoee exit for Hwy 64 east. Stay on Hwy 64 east for about 35 miles to our Outpost.

You will drive past Parksville Lake, the Lower rafting section, the put-in at #2 dam, then the Upper rafting section and the Ocoee Whitewater Center. Enjoy the scenery! We are 3 miles past the Whitewater Center, on the left side of Hwy 64. Allow time for the 2 lane road through the Ocoee gorge – driving is often slow with lots of tourists watching the fun on the river, and rafting buses taking customers to the put-in.

North on I-75 from Chattanooga
Take exit # 20 off I-75 at Cleveland Tn. Turn right at the top of the ramp. This road is the Cleveland Bypass. Stay on this road for six miles and take the Ocoee exit for Hwy 64 east. Then follow the directions above.

PaddleMan hint: Remember to allow plenty of time to make your reservation time.
Trips must leave our outpost on time! The river gods are very unhappy with tardiness.